I care about Mom And Pop Shop Marketing! Hello, my name is Joe Fozzy. A Website Developer & IT Engineer helping to make our Community a Better Place. I am your affordable business partner.

Are you a small business? A "Mom and Pop shop"? Looking to recapture the local market away from the Big Box conglomerates?? Do you ask yourself, "How do I grow my website"? Many business owners need a partner to assist in the growth of the business, but don't want the headaches involved.  I can be your affordable business partner in the aspect of bringing prospects to the business, whether it be local business or from the internet.


Hello, I go by the name of "Fozzy", just a small town patriot that cares about the people and NOT the "Status Quo"! I am a small fry myself however my background isn't from the realm of a small fry guy. I love my country and more so, I love "We The People!" and that is where my focus layes.


You see, technology was always my world and I was always knee deep in the trenches of Technology, Big Corporatism and the non-sensible "culture". The activities we've all seen in recent years has woken many people up, including myself, and now I completely changed my Life, Passion and Focus! Let's go back a little to move forward!


Everything around us has changed and consequently, so have you and I! Therefore we have new priorities, a re-aligned view of life, why we're here and a fresh look at what our community looks like today.


Ok, now getting to why you might be here? Well, you probably want to re-align your strategies to get a better connection to the surrounding community, right? Well, I'm your guy, yeah, now you got a "guy"! Honestly, I'm really not doing this for the money "per say". My goal is for the betterment of my community and yours too!


So, you found your "guy", now what's next? Wait, You say? What exactly do you do? Well, like I mentioned before, my world is technology, so I'm your "technology" guy.


What does that mean exactly? Well, what do you need? A website? Seach Engine Placement? A billing or inventory system? A computer guy? Database Software? Well, yep, I do IT ALL! So to answer your question about the next step, We need to talk!


How do you get in touch with me? Simple, just fill out the short and simple form below and I will get back to you As Soon As Possible!

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IT Engineering for over 20 years! Now humbly allocating knowledge exclusively in mom and pop shop marketing for you!

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