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I'm here to tell you that I care about the Mom & Pop shop, small business and sole proprietors!


Hello, My name is Joe Fozzy, but everybody calls me Fozzy. I'm a small town patriot who cares about the people, not the status quo. I May be a small fry in the big picture, however my background is not from that realm. I love my country, I love "We The People" & that's where my focus lies!


Are you a small business, a Mom & Pop shop or a sole proprietor looking to recapture the local market from the big box conglomerates? Do you ask yourself "How Do I grow my Business?"


Your Affordable Business Partner!

Many business owners need a partner to assist in the growth of their business, without the headaches involved in having a contentous partnership with an actual owning partnership. That is where I can assist with respect to bringing prospects to your local or online business.


Who Am I?

You see, my world has always revolved around technology, I grew up deep in the trenches of it, big corporatism & it's nonsensical culture. Activity in the recent years have and still are awakening people, I was one of them. As a result, I have completely changed my life, focus & passion...


Let's go back a little, together, to allow us to move forward!



My Purpose

Everything around us has changed and consequently, so have you & I, meaning we need to set new priorities, re-align our view on life, our reason for being and re-evaluate what our community looks like today. Which brings us to the reason you're here. You probably want to reconnect with your community, tweak your strategies & if so, then I'm your guy!!! That's what I do, with a view taward the betterment of our community!!!


So now that you've found your tech guy, what's next? Well, as I mentioned before, my life is technology, which means that whether you need a website, search engine placement, billing or inventory systems, dabase software or anything else technology, then I'm your guy!


So what's next ??? Get in touch!

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IT Engineering for over 20 years! Now humbly allocating knowledge exclusively in mom and pop shop marketing for you!

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